Author: Ritchie Hunter

Home Care

Two council-built care homes in Liverpool have gone bust, leaving 83 families scrambling to find homes for their loved ones. But why did the council allow a private company to run these homes, and what should they do now?

Who owns the land?

Ritchie Hunter looks at the issue of private land ownership after the Duke of Buccleuch, the second largest private landowner in Britain, stymied the plans of a group of Scottish villagers to rewild nearby moors.

People want change

Saturday’s BLM march through Liverpool was a morale booster to those who want to see an end to racism and injustice. When you link this with protests world-wide it shows a rising confidence that a real shift in society is about to occur.

The Lucas Plan

The Lucas Plan was a bold endeavour by workers to swap from designing and making weapons of war, to socially useful products such as wind turbines, kidney machines and electric cars.

A song by Ritchie Hunter about Bob Lambert, who is probably the most notorious of the undercover police spies who infiltrated completely legitimate protest and campaigning groups.