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Catalyst Media (producers of Nerve, our 32 page arts, cultural and social issues magazine) utilises and develops underused talent and resources in the creative communities on Merseyside. We develop the skills of new writers, journalists, photographers and artists, helping them to promote their work through our magazine and website.

Catalyst Media was set up in January 2003, and trains writers and journalists, publishing a selection of their work in Nerve, thus providing valuable skills, training and confidence.

From dance to theatre, painting and music to the digital arts and critical discussion, our editorial scope is fully inclusive, and the exposure gained by those artists featured helps to build their audience.

Catalyst Media is fully committed to promoting the many wonderful talents in the arts and journalism that Liverpool possesses in abundance, and firmly believes that our featured artists and writers have much to gain from the existence of the magazine and website.

We want to work with as many grassroots artists as we can, so that their work may be highlighted and widely appreciated. We distribute Nerve in libraries, community centres, colleges, supermarkets, cafes and bars.

We want to hear from Merseyside artists, as we appreciate how difficult it is for non-established artists to gain publicity. Email us about your work at mail(at)catalystmedia.org.uk or phone us on 0151-709 9948 during office hours. We can’t always guarantee that we can fit you in the magazine, as there are a lot of articles competing to go in every issue, but we can always fit you in on the website!

Catalyst Media aspire to the highest standards of professionalism in our output to maintain readability, prestige and social responsibility.

As part of our core remit, we only accept advertising from ethically committed, community orientated businesses and public institutions or bodies. Our aim is to build firm and lasting relationships with our clients and partners who wish to promote their activities and services through us and to serve them to the best of our abilities. We want to ensure a vibrant partnership is established between those featured in Nerve, their communities and Catalyst Media. For a discussion about advertising with us, contact us at 0151-709 9948.

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  1. Hi

    Hope you are well and managing to stay safe and well during lockdown. I work for Crisis the charity dedicated to ending homelessness. We have recently produced a magazine (which we modelled on Nerve) and are trying to get it printed and distributed. Could you let me know which printing company you deal with as we’d like to use them? Also is there any way we could tap into your distribution network? It would be great to have a chat about ways we could work together in future, perhaps some of our members could contribute articles to Nerve perhaps? I’d love to chat to you about this. Please let me know when would be the best time to call.


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