My time in Sarajevo

Nerve contributor Lisa Worth has written a feature about Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, in which she puts forward the view that the city’s narrative is as rich and fascinating as it can be bleak. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia – Herzogovina, is an enigma. Mosques, synagogues and churches vie for position on the horizon, in a city where temperatures can hit plus 30, and plummet to minus 30. It

Shock and Awe

Darren Guy talks to Jananne from Basra in Iraq about her experience of growing up under Saddam and the situation in the country now.

Intersectional Activism in Mexico

Next To Nowhere and Merseyside Animal Rights are very excited to be hosting Gerardo Tristan, anti-speciesist and queer activist from Mexico, on Wednesday 19th September in Next To Nowhere.

Period Poverty

Charlotte Kenny discusses period poverty and looks at the charity Binti who have a fashion show on 28th of June launching new ‘Period Underwear.’

The Kurds, Turkey and the Middle East

A little over a year ago, in February 2015, an invisible nation rose to its feet in the Syrian town of Kobanî and successfully defended its territory from a band of rapists and torturers who hoped, and still hope, to one day bring about a glorious apocalypse.