Artist Profile – Vesta

Artist Profile - Vesta

(Director of Art at Glorybox)

My work is not necessarily borne from the desire to contribute to the world of photography but is borne from the unquenched merging of understandings, the consciousness and awareness of the lines that intersect science, religion, mythology, art and social understanding.

The struggle to identify as a photographer in the literal sense is rooted deep, although photographic processes are the basis for much of my work.

I am an avid pupil and teacher, a control freak, a feeling thinker, persistent under achiever, whipping boy, sacrificial pig, an alchemist, the first born and last regurgitated.

The desire to pick apart and understand the intricacies of our perceived modern viewpoints, projected through the stains of legacy and ritual, became the key, but I do wonder if I’ll ever understand what I mean when I say the word ‘artist’.


Is it the innate desire to grasp and take ownership of our psyche that stops us from developing our own concepts, views, ideas about the world we live in and the places we have migrated from?

The idea of some perfect work, an expectation, the masterpiece, the want to be better. I think it just gets in the way. I’ll never know and I’ll never stop trying to know, but letting go of the necessity to find out and observing the internalised mechanics is enough to satisfy me from day to day. The rest is a journey, and I’m never settled in the little steps, but I can’t justify resisting them.


Photographs featured:
OhlayIndigo, singer, songwriter, producer. Artwork from her latest single G.E.M
From an international commission with Milk:Presents/Broken Men in Russia, tour of Moscow & St Petersburg, Nov/Dec 2014
Raspberry – Part of Light Night and LOOK/15 International Photography Festival


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