Oh Weeping World Of Woe

Oh Weeping World Of Woe

Photo above credit: NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland mission

A veritable lament on the state of the world, by Cassius James.

Oh Weeping World Of Woe

Of black and white it’s seldom seen,
The voice and nature that of green.
We sing of this and say of that,
But is it really where it’s at.
The glaciers crumble, the glaciers fall,
When truth bearers silent, the ignorant fall!
I wonder and think into my roaming ink,
And scream for my life,
Does anyone think,
About our world and colourful climbs,
Instead of our doubts of each other and terrible vibes.

I see a sea of tranquility,
I know we care…
is anyone there ?!

Please loving world, give all to thee,
And know and glee at what all can be…

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