The Alpines / Another River

The Alpines / Another River

Metropolis Recordings
Released February 2017

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

The Alpines are a UK duo based in Kingston upon Thames, a little bit away from Liverpool in both location and mindset I guess, but what the heck, it’s a great album.

Formed in 2010, they have been going for a while now, but the new album, Another River, brings a new synthesis of style to the boy/girl duo, which comprises Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson.

The new album has a great late night feel to some of the songs and an intimacy similar to to the Cherrone album I reviewed before Christmas, which now seems like an eternity away.

There is a strong R@B feel to the songs. The Alpines seem to be moving away from the Electro feel of the last album Oasis released in 2014, which sounded a bit like Grimes, to be honest, and they now seem to have developed their own style, which has blossomed into something really interesting.

They have kept elements of the electro feel combined with an R@B vibe utilising Catherine Pockson’s almost operatic style, and, in that, The Alpines have moved away from most of the R@B groups doing the circuit at the moment, making this an overall pleasant experience folks.

Check it out.

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