Liverpool Music Week 2016

Liverpool Music Week 2016

Presented by Wall Of Sound

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

@ The Dome at Grand Central Hall
26th October

Bathed in spectral light and billowing smoke Warpaint seem to have invented the new goth, a cross between The Banshees “Cities In Dust” period and Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass.”

These neo- goth priestess lithely move around the smok- filled stage. The billowing smoke seems to accentuate the joint vocals of the girls, giving them a siren like quality.

A bit eerie but great too. Brilliant!

Totally recommended.

John Carpenter
@ The Olympia
28th October

John Carpenter might be the master of horror but he is also the master of irony as we see tonight. Leading a full band he plays to his own high resolution films.

These are projected onto a huge screen behind him. These films look like first generation copies Carpenter also appears to have edited them to go with the music. These aren’t like the copies I have at home. He makes wisecracks, dances a bit and makes funny gestures to the audience. In fact he seems to be having a ball onstage and so are we.

The backing band is comprised of mostly youngish musicians who are really brilliant. They seem to veer towards prog rock and Sonic Youth type art rock, but it’s all really well played.

Some of the films he showed I had never seen before. A friend of mine said later she saw the gig and checked out the films too. So all of Liverpool is in a John Carpenter frenzy at the moment.

Yes, you guessed it.

Totally recommended

She Drew The Gun
@ Leaf Cafe
30th October

She Drew The Gun is not sure if she wants to be in a surf band or a blues band, or maybe the now dead guitarist from The Cramps, Bryan Gregory.

If the twangs the thang then check out Louise Roach (She Drew The Gun).

Louise is an accomplished songwriter, as heard on the latest release, of which she plays a few tracks here, it’s a bit of a mixed bag tonight though but we are treated to a rather groovy Bryan Gregory guitar solo, actually quite a few.

It really does sound like the deceased one has risen from his grave, maybe because it’s Halloween, All Hallows eve, at least spooky or what.

Ok Louise do you a deal. If you do those solos on the next platter I’ll buy two copies.

Totally recommended (if she includes the Cramps sound on the next record).

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