Larry And His Flask – This Remedy

Larry And His Flask - This Remedy

Out on Xtra Mile Records
12th October 2018

Album review by Rob Harrison

Larry And His Flask are American country rockers. Coming from punk roots they have adapted their sound into a uptempo Americana stomp, with virtuoso playing styles and melodic catchy tunes .

This is quite a widescreen production in which I mean big sound kids. It’s really well played though and the general production is excellent.

As I said before its Americana but listening to the various tracks it comes over at times like Led Zeppelin, the folky version (of course) on tracks like The Place That It Belongs and You Won’t.

They currently share a label with Skinny Lister, another country band who they see as being in a similar vein in terms of uptempo punky folk.

Listening back to the album I had to check over some stuff for this review. it’s a bit of a grower, as they say, At first hearing you think oh yeah its so and so, but then go back and actually listen to the nuances of the material, you think, hey that’s ok,, it’s alright.

It’s something you might like to have around the house maybe. There is a sample track The Remedy on Soundcloud. Go check it out for yourself. Another recommended album of course.

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