Boisterous Presents Bouncers
The Royal Court, Liverpool
31st August – 15th September 2018

Reviewed by Jennifer Walker

I’m not sure quite what I was expecting from the Royal Court’s latest offering with a new version of John Godber’s Bouncers by Maurince Bessman. I imagined steely faced banter with maybe a spot of boxing thrown in, but Bouncers totally took me by surprise! Starring Mutty Burman, Michael Horsley, Zain Salim and Joe Speare and featuring Spycatcha, this show is an entertaining night out with an up-to-date soundtrack to match!

There was no stand out star from the entire performance as all four men were simply extraordinary. Their impressions included such a range of people on a night out that there was something for everyone to laugh at, from sassy women to testosterone fuelled men, from northerners to southerners, from the happy chancers to the clingy desperados, the cast of only four showcased them all.

Burman, Horsley, Salim and Speare had the audience eating out the palms of their hands. Each one has an incredible voice and had the ability to belt out the hits, each one could obviously move, the dancing was superb and at times hilarious,. But their genius lies in their faces; each wink, frown or cheeky smile had the audience cracking up with laughter.

All four men deserve the praise this show is getting. The energy and excitement they bring to the stage is what makes this a must see show and a great night out!

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