White Denim – Performance

White Denim - Performance

City Slang Records

Album review by Rob Harrison

And now for something completely different.

So forget everything I said in the last review, well perhaps not, but this band are seriously retro and loving it, or perhaps bringing retro up to date, if that is possible.

White Denim explore the underbelly of sleazy hipster seventies sounds to the max, on their new album ‘performance’.

This is their seventh album and they appear from listening to this new album, not to have run out of ideas quite yet.

The album kicks off in true groovy fashion with the new single ‘Magazin’ it slips and slides like Peter Wyngarde on KY Jelly.

The retro feel continues with Double Death which sounds like a re-work of Pick Up The Pieces, the song made famous by The Average White Band. But whatever kids it’s postmodern, so there’s nothing that is original anymore, but putting originality aside it’s still a fun track .

The album finishes with Good News, and so we now move into Beatles territory here, courtesy of George Harrison during his West Coast laid back trip. With feelgood guitar solos, it appears the guitar hero is back in fashion folks.

So all things considered the coast is clear to bring that Deep Purple Live in Japan album out again perhaps.

But Performance is a great platter. It moves through different genres and phases but it’s definitely a highlight release for 2018. Check this one out too.

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