Geoghegan Jackson – Flatlands Rising

Geoghegan Jackson - Flatlands Rising

Out on Lapwing Records

Music review by Rob Harrison

Geohagan Jackson are an acoustic duo from Liverpool and Flatlands Rising is their second EP.

So far it has garnered rave reviews from legendary record emporium Probe records.

So, what do we at Nerve think of the latest platter from from Geohegan Jackson?

At first listen it slightly reminds me of Nick Drake in his Pink Moon period.

The first track Fledgling carries this idea along in its intense mood with minimalist guitar and a forceful poetic narrative.

The next track Flatlands Rising, the title track, also brings forth the Nick Drake influence.

Track three Shameful Sky evokes a desolate northern landscape, perhaps the desolate landscape of the mind, who knows. Once again the poetic element is to the fore here.

Flesh gets a bit racey its a sort of sex and death song, perhaps now heading into Siouxsie and the Banshees territory here in terms of the body in extremis.

Siouxsie Sioux is a very underrated songwriter. May I add at this point that it also reminds me of the Velvet Underground in its drone-like approach to the guitar melody line.

The final track Secret Shop is also one of my favorite tracks.

Once again the lyrics point to a darker situation than is first suggested by the title and the drone element can be heard in the guitar work.

This track in particular reminds me slightly of Nico, the original singer with the Velvet Underground, who left the Velvets because of Lou Reed’s inflexibility.

She went on to produce a series of influential albums in the late sixties and early seventies with John Cale, who also left the band for the same reason.

So, then a mixed bag here indeed but one which rewards the listener with subsequent visits. perhaps your own secret shop.

The album was produced by Steve Powell at ARK recording studios in Liverpool and comes to you via Lapwing Records. Available from Probe Records or via the website.

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