Elevant, False Advertising & Pocket Apocalypse

Elevant, False Advertising & Pocket Apocalypse

Liverpool Buyers Club
7th May 2016

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

Pocket Apocalypse seem to live up to their name at the beginning of the set then begin to tread through neu prog territory and, in between noisy moments, it’s all twiddly bits and pregnant pauses, but hey it’s ok. Check them out.

Then we move on to the glorious noise that is False Advertising with Jen Hingley (singer/guitarist). Looks like Suzi Quatro meets a JG Ballard car crash, and live they seem to exude a sense of menace and take on a more aggressive stance than on record.

The “brainless” EP is great, but the happy grunge seems to be replaced by something more darker, maybe replace JG Ballard with HP Lovecraft instead.

The band swop instruments halfway through in which Jen does her Karen Carpenter impression, but it’s when she regains her duties as lead singer the band re-ignite again.

She certainly pushes the band – the musicians are not slouches by any means – but she seems to put them into focus.

Maybe we live in an age of boring lead singers who disappear into the background and not shine out, perhaps there is a piece to be written on that!
But anyway enough of my musings.

Was great to see False Advertising live. They play during Sound City in Liverpool at the end of May. Go check them out !

Elevant carry on relentlessly their chosen path, and tonight they are on good form. Their particular brand of neo- grunge meets Krautrock seems to hit the spot. The slog of a long tour seems to be paying off with more on stage confidence. The guitarist Michael Edward especially now seems to have firmly grasped the idea of being a rock god and of course the bass player is brilliant as ever, Still can’t help thinking yeah Edgar Broughton Band but nevertheless Elevant shine tonight!

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