Migration Watch?

Bill supports UKIP and follows nearly all the dailies. The Mail and the Express and occasionally the Telegraph. He doesn’t read much of the Sun or Star. He says immigration is the biggest issue today. I follow Migration Watch – they tell us what is really going on. They are a non party political, independent think tank.

But Migration Watch are far from being independent and non party political. Its co-founder David Coleman was special adviser to former Tory ministers Leon Brittan and William Waldegrave. Sir Andrew Green the former ambassador to Saudi Arabia was one of the Tories favourite diplomats and a close friend of former minister Jonathan Aitken who sits with Green and Baroness Caroline Cox on the Board of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). CSW’s former president Baroness Cox, who was then replaced by Jonathan Aitken, was even thrown out of the Tory party for openly supporting UKIP which is notorious for its hard-line anti-immigration stance.

David Coleman’s right-wing credentials are even more impressive than his co-founder; he has been described by the BNP as their “friend at the immigration-reform think tank Migration Watch” and “a very distinguished demographer whom we trust.”

Being praised by the BNP of course is not in itself an indication of his political objectives; David Coleman has been a long-standing member of the Galton Institute which was formally known as the Eugenics Society.

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