Save Rimrose Valley Protest Rally

Save Rimrose Valley Protest Rally

There is to be a demonstration and march as part of the campaign to save Rimrose Valley Country Park on Friday 20th August, meeting at 10am at Chaffers Field Running Track at the end of Glenwyllin Road, L22 4RN.

Rimrose Valley is a beautiful, green oasis in the heart of several densely populated areas of South Sefton. It is a tranquil escape from the urban landscape that surrounds this gem and is a perfect place for losing yourself in nature, peace and quiet.

In order to accommodate the ever increasing volume of traffic from the expanding Port of Liverpool, Highways England has chosen to build a dual carriageway through this precious sanctuary, to link the port with the motorways at Switch Island.

This area is already blighted by traffic using the A5036 and the community there is already suffering from noise and air pollution that is dangerously high and affecting the health of these residents. Adding another road will not ease this problem. The A5036 will continue to carry the heavy burden this community has suffered for years and the communities adjacent to Rimrose Valley will face the same plight.

Highways England conducted a (flawed) consultation of the affected communities, effectively pitting one against the other by giving only two choices – expand the A5036 or build a road through Rimrose Valley. Neither community could win – whichever option was chosen. Both communities would still suffer increased noise and air pollution.

If Rimrose Valley is destroyed, it will be gone forever.

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