NERVE 19 - Women's Issue - Winter 2011

Editorial So what’s the point of feminism, anyway? The Art of Activism
Benefits Column Big Brand Bullies Blogging Feminists
The Broken of Britain:
Fighting back in the war on the disabled
Census Refuser's case adjourned Cuts round-up
Is Domestic Abuse at epidemic levels in the UK? Letters Page Miss Anne Throppy
Modern Fairy Tales 2-Tone Talk - Pauline Black Interview Poetry Page
Women are the most visible victims of social injustice Punk Princess Radicalising Rent Strikes
Unseen Sweatshop A call for the end of Women’s football Success for Amadudu
Slutwalk The Disabled Woman: A Third Class Human?  
An interview with Stealing Sheep Liverpool Centre for Arts Development Museum of Liverpool
Women in the Arts Unseen Pride The Herstory of WITCH
Farewell to Art in Liverpool? Bold Street Busker ELLE FM
Tracey Dunn Eimear Kavanagh Emily Lansley
Laura Pullig    
Round-up of Recommended Reads Black by Design: A 2-Tone Memoir