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Artist Profile - Tracey Dunn

My subversion of the Nerve office's 'Transport Strike 1911 Calendar' is a natural reaction to the almost complete non-appearance of women in the calendar's images.

There are twenty dates commemorating women including:-

March 10th - 20 women workers at Mayfield Sugar Works, Falkner Street - strike for wages to be doubled
July 17th - 250 girls (sic) at Walton Rubber Works strike for wage increase - they succeed after three days.

I was told that there was a lack a photos of women available and the quality of those we had was poor.

Nerve this is just not good enough!! Considering an illustrator had drawn an image for November, I just don't know how you had the 'nerve' to say this to me when I raised it at an editorial meeting.

I felt that they didn't see this as a problem.

This led to me sneakily adding my own female pics when I popped into the office and then eventually blatantly customising the calendar in front of the men with images I found there.

The truth is all the men in the office love the new improved calendar and more women have now infiltrated Nerve magazine to redress the balance. Love you all guys!

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