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Census Refuser's case adjourned

On Friday 11.11.11 Judith Sambrook, a single mother from Shrewsbury, who is on kidney dialysis, was up in court in Wrexham. She's being prosecuted for refusing to co-operate with the 2011 Census, in protest at the involvement of deadly arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin in processing census data.

Judith was met by a cheering crowd of about 25 supporters and friends holding banners and placards. She pleaded not guilty on the grounds of human rights; she doesn't believe the state has a right to come between a person and their conscience.

Judith's case was adjourned until 8 December in Mold, North Wales. That date isn't confirmed as yet.

Other census refusers have now come forward, including one due to be heard in Birmingham Magistrates Court on 5 January as a result of Judith's case being made public through the campaign called "NoCONcensus". This campaign was formed by Genny Bove of Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum, Judith herself and socialist Kai Andersen, who campaigned against ID cards, and the growing surveillance society.

Kai Andersen told Nerve, "We were contacted by Sarah Ledsom, a grandmother from Merseyside who has a chronic illness. She is due to appear at Liverpool Magistrates Court, Dale Street at 10am on 8 December. She said 'I will be pleading not guilty' and added 'I will refuse to pay any fine and am more than prepared to go to prison.'"

NoCONcensus are giving both Sarah and Judith support. If you want further information and wish to attend contact NoCONcensus[at]

For more background info see: Poppies for Peace.

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