Poppies for Peace


While all and sundry, politicians and royalty display their Red Poppies in public at ceremonies to remember Britain's war dead, Britain, Israel and the US are ramping up proposals to bomb Iran. This is while Britain spent a reported £1.7Billion this year bombing Libya and killing thousands of civilians (to protect them they told the world), but really for regime change and to send a decisive message to China to get their investment out of Libya (30,000 Chinese people left before NATO's bombing).

Meanwhile census refuser Judith Sambrook faces court for refusing to fill out a census form in an anti-war protest against Lockheed Martin being involved, as the worlds biggest Arm producer, suppliers of cluster bombs and Trident nuclear warheads. Judith faces a £1000 fine for making a conscious stand against Lockheed Martin in Wrexham on 11-11-11 at 10am.

Consider wearing a "WHITE POPPY" to show you're not part of the war mongering culture and that you stand up for the culture of peace.

White Poppies for Peace available at: News From Nowhere on Bold Street or Merseyside CND office or at our remembrance event this Friday 11-11-11 starting at 10.45am at St.John's Garden behind St.George's Hall.

See: www.ppu.org.uk/whitepoppy for the history of white poppies

PDF download of flyer: www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2011/11/488088.html

Article about the case with photos of banners: www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2011/11/488084.html

Taken from Robert Fisk's Independent article of November 5th 2011, and added to by Kai, from Merseyside CND

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