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Cover of Nerve Issue 19"Women have not faced a greater threat to their financial security and rights in living memory. Decades of steady, albeit slow, progress on equality is being dismantled, as cuts to women's jobs and the benefits and services they rely on, turn back time on women's equality."

Why NERVE has produced a women's themed edition

In Liverpool, women have routinely hit the streets alongside men in campaigns against homophobia, racism, fascism, and nuclear weapons; cuts to benefits and pensions; the privatisation of the NHS and Palestine's struggle for peace and statehood. But why don't more men take part in campaigns in support of womens' rights?

To come alive as human beings we all require defiance in the face of injustice and exploitation. Seeing the evidence of what people are capable of when they break free of these constraints (oppression sexism discrimination) is empowering and inspiring.

Publishing a women's issue has allocated time and resources to take the fight against sexism and patriarchy forward.

While the 'ConDem' cuts are having a disproportionate effect on women, the current economic and political crisis provides a spur to asking and debating: What kind of society do we want? And what do we have to do to get there? For everyone this is the same question.

Nerve and funders
The integrity of NERVE is not influenced by funders. While we would like to thank Joe Anderson, leader of Liverpool City Council for the financial contribution to this issue, this donation will make no difference to our criticism of Liverpool City Council cuts policy.

*A Life Raft for Women's Equality

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