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Bold Street Busker

By Craig Woods

To be found most days on Bold Street, Chi Temu is an inspiration for any aspiring young (or old) musicians who have yet to let the world enjoy their vocal/musical talents. Born in Tanzania but mostly brought up in the UK, Chi found herself wondering how she could muster a few coppers together when suddenly the idea dawned on her: busking. Initially too intimidated to go it alone, a few friends were kind enough to accompany her. However, with the positive responses she received from passers-by Chi soon realised that busking was a pursuit she could easily enjoy doing alone. Since then, Chi has been offered work in various locations and proudly mentioned Bold Street to the White Bicycles before they asked her to join them.

In the two years that Chi has been busking on the streets of Liverpool she has got to know the ins and outs of it better than most. Although there are many male buskers there are practically no females other than Chi. I asked her if being a woman presented any particular problems to which she replied that 'the other buskers immediately let me know that they would keep an eye out for me. Sometimes another busker might say that you have taken their spot and think that because you are a girl you will not put up an argument but you just have to stand your ground.' When asked if there were any benefits to being a woman Chi replied 'I do not think so, other than the novelty value'. That said, Chi would love to see more women out on the street busking and points out that if anyone fancies it - and has access to a microphone stand - there is serious money to be made down at L1 if you can pass the audition. To appreciate Chi's talents in a more leisurely way she plays every Sunday at Aki's wine bar on Lark Lane at the jam night she hosts. Alternatively, you can go to:

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