Spear of Destiny – Tontine

Spear of Destiny - Tontine

Eastersnow Recording Company
Release date: 6th April 2018

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

It all starts promisingly enough with post Killing Joke bass lines and brooding strings, then the miserabilist vocals intervene. Oh dear, someone’s not a happy bunny.

I think the problem with it is that it lacks irony, in terms of what seemed ok to a bunch of shorn post rockabillys biting on blood capsules and banging into each other in a homoerotic kind of way, back in 1983, now becomes shouty rhetoric in 2018.

That kind of selfish male-centred philosophy was quite narrow minded and I would like to think that we have entered a new age now, possibly.

The album though contains some highs and lows. “MK Ultra” being one of the standout tracks and a potential single perhaps (kids this an 80s band right). “African Proverb” is another, and the first track Brighton is good, but what it’s all about though is difficult to decipher through the shouty rhetoric. Pity really.

I think Spear of Destiny has been overtaken by other agit pop bands and Kirk has failed to catch up or find another niche.

It’s still a worthwhile listen though, and I’m sure the fans wont be disappointed but maybe take a leaf from David Bowie’s book – reinvention is good for the soul I’m sure.

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  1. The reviewer ain’t a Speeeaarr fan then

    Just a wild guess like

    ”Tis a cracking album btw folks


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