Ducking Punches

Ducking Punches

Supported by Hello Mabel and Don Blake
Maguire’s Pizza bar, Liverpool
Monday April 9th

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

Punk’s not dead folks, well actually punk was all about an attitude rather than just screaming, jumping around and making a racket., No punk was about collectivism and making a stand against conformism (among other things). So there you go folks, that’s the politics over with.

We are actually here tonight at Maguire’s Pizzalor (that’s my new name for pizza parlour) to see the wonderful Ducking Punches.

After getting into the new platter I was keen to check them out in a live context but first some other acts for consideration.The first being Hello Mabel from Warrington, not too far away I suppose, a folk punk outfit with brilliant vocals and groovy guitar playing. They remind me slightly of the Indigo Girls, but hey enough of pigeonhole politics they, were brill.

Next up old skool punk style in the shape of Don Blake from Bolton and gosh, this band rock. It’s like being back at Eric’s. Bit of a nostalgic trip for me I suppose, but they capture that post punk spirit in terms of the energy and shock horror. They have tunes, it’s all about the tunes kids. it’s a pity we don’t have John Peel anymore to tap that energy and play them on the radio, but whatever they are good. Check them out.

It’s so funny recently I have receded back to my old punk self where I would get excited over the prospect of seeing a certain band live like Sunflower Bean and of course the Punches so,maybe there is some testosterone left after all.

So finally we have Drunken Punches and after two really good support slots they don’t disappoint. They have left behind their folk punk roots and go for a more rockier feel.

The folk element still persists in the shape of the good songwriting quality and sensitive vocal delivery. Geezer rock here we come.

Halfway through the singer tells us that he has lost a few male friends to suicide and the songs do lean towards men hurting but hey, if you can help someone why not.

Guys have emotions too, you know.

So a great night indeed, just a word about Maguires, it’s a great little venue. It’s one of those legendary Liverpool watering holes that pop up and instantly wow. It sells vegan pizza and hand crafted beer and has live music or DJs on most weekends with an original music policy. That being a relief in this age of plunder so all good. Try to check out the bands on Youtube perhaps.

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