I Got Life! (15)

I Got Life! (15)

Directed by Blandine Lenoir
Picturehouse, Liverpool
23rd – 29th March 2018

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The French title refers to its heroine, Aurore (Agnes Jaoui), but its English title is derived from the Nina Simone song, which is played during the closing credits.

The story centres around Aurore who is experiencing the life-changing experience of menopause. She is approaching fifty-years-of-age and about to become a grandmother. But she is adamant she will not wallow in self pity or be a stereotypical role of a woman going through this biological change.

There are a lot of strands to in the movie, some saccharine and unconvincing.

A prime example is when she is employed as a home help at the house of a group of women who have established a commune based on Sisterhood. Totally vacuous.

Perhaps the most comic moments of the film is when Aurore is constantly unable to pass through automatic doors, symbolishing that she does not exist anymore.

Incongruities surface throughout. For example, when she meets up again with high school sweetheart Totoche (Thibault de Montalembert). Little does she know why he finally decides to rekindle the flame!

More than likely a British or American director will make an English speaking version of this film.

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