Edward Rushton’s Story – Rushton’s Times: The Naval Mutiny

Edward Rushton's Story - Rushton’s Times: The Naval Mutiny

(Image: Richard Parker presents a list of grievances to Vice Admiral Buckner at the Nore)

Edwardrushton.org.uk celebrates the life of the Liverpool poet who, at the age of 19, was blinded helping slaves. Founder of the School for the Blind, Rushton’s world was one of press gangs, revolution and oppression.

One of the first people to look afresh at Edward Rushton’s life was the late Bill Hunter. Bill wrote Forgotten Hero in 2002, and you can listen to a recording of it on the website, in instalments.

This week is Track 14. Rushton’s Times: The Naval Mutiny. The mutiny at Spithead and the Nore, in 1797, was the biggest in naval history.


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