People’s Gallery

People's Gallery

By Audrey White

We are organising a ‘People’s Gallery’ in an open-air piece of land in Liverpool city centre.

It is a part of ‘Red October’, which is an event organised by local activists for the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

We want to celebrate struggle and resistance to the many injustices in our society. Artwork that is anti-fascist, anti-war, anti-racist or about Grenfell, Hillsborough, zero hour contracts, LGBT, Black Lives Matter, the NHS, disability cuts, Orgreave, collapse of the banks, homelessness, etc, etc, is the theme.

Materials will be provided and we will display the work. We are looking for large scale pieces around (8×4) (6×2) (4×4) to reflect the anger that is permeating through society now and we hope to include many local artists.

The work will be needed for mid-October, so please get in touch if you are interested or know anyone who might be.

Individual artists who are interested in taking part will need to get in touch with me by email em:
or phone me on 0796 8581 336.

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