The Snowman (15)

The Snowman (15)

Directed by Tomas Alfredson
Picturehouse, Liverpool
13th – 19th October 2017

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

I should have heeded the warning signs about this production when Rotten Tomatoes, a website of reviews of feature films by various newspapers and magazines, only gave it a 18% merit rating out of 100.

Plus the fact that mediocre actress Charlotte Gainsbourg appeared in it, giving another wooden performance.

It mystified me that noted director Martin Scorsese was involved as an executive producer. Maybe he needed the money!

Unlike acclaimed Scandinavian dramas, such as The Killing’ and ‘Wallander’, all the actors, in a movie set in Norway, all spoke English. Imagine a drama set in England in which all the entire crew of actors spoke Norwegian. Absurd.

The only redeeming features were the shots of fjords and snow capped mountains.

Michael Fassbender, in the latest of less than engaging films he has appeared in in recent years, played Harry Hole, a drink sodden police inspector which, like The Snowman itself, was a well worn cliche in detective stories.

He, and his assistant (Rebecca Ferguson), were in pursuit of a serial killer, who likes to build snowmen at the scenes of his crimes, hence the imaginative title of the film.

As with the name of Fassbender’s character, this was a w(hole) lot of nonsense.

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