The Lamellar Project

The Lamellar Project

Presented by Bear Productions with SHPLine
A collaboration with Tiny Dynamite and and in association with South Hill Park, Bracknell
Unity Theatre, Liverpool
22nd & 23rd April 2016

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The Lamellar Project is set in the UK and the USA. A British researcher named Carys (Emma Gibson), a British researcher of butterflies, makes a staggering discovery in that the creatures have begun to evolve far more quickly in the last fifty years or so.

She discusses these findings with her husband Mike (Gideon Turner), a scientist based in the UK. They develop the theory that this has occurred due to Climate Change throughout the world and thus butterflies are all a flutter!

Large masses of them will become extinct in the not too distant dismal future. This will result in adverse reactions to the human food chain, leading to traumatic consequences for mankind as a whole, as well as to the animal and insect kingdoms.

‘Real life’ scientists discussed these scenarios via Skype, interacting with the fictional characters on stage.

The Lamellar Project has been described as an eco-thriller – I do not like this term – an on-line lecture or, to use the modern jargon, a webinar – and a love story. I find the latter term a bit odd. A love story perhaps with butterflies as the focal point.

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