Mouse – The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought

Mouse - The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought

Presented by Higgledy Piggledy Enterprises in association with Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
Written and performed by Daniel Kitson
Liverpool Everyman
Till 28th May 2016

Reviewed by Ed Gommon

A man, William Booth, answers a call from someone looking for their mobile, also called William. Coincidence?

The caller engages William in a conversation and persuades him to tell the story he’s been working on for 12 years (not all the time!) about a lonely woman who catches a mouse that answers her questions by blinking.

The conversation and story, not so much about what happened, but why what happened happened, takes in loneliness, the fragile and temporary nature of friendship and whether it is big or key decisions that effect how your life turns out or lots of small incremental choices. Its funnier than it sounds!

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