Unity Theatre, Liverpool
6 & 7 July 2017

Reviewed by Pete O’Neill

There are moments that can be fleeting or shorter, yet these may last a lifetime or longer.

Please suspend your daily routine for a moment, to realise a journey, a journey that has very few points of reference, no knowledge of direction of travel, yet jolts and lurches in multiple vectors simultaneously.

Your outer perception changes rapidly, often too rapidly and horrifically to comprehend, our brain and perception may take an arbitrary or seemingly random point of memory for reference.

As to create a juncture of relevance to our current situation and position in life.

Many are the diaspora and regimes of tyrannical and autocratic states in governance globally.

To hear and see one story portrayed.

The use of theatrical mediums and devices was sometimes hit and miss but the empirical portrayal of a family and community being wrought and shaped clearly resounded.

Between some acting being slightly distracted and ‘free rhythms’ in songs to begin, the second half of the performance greatly redeemed with a true heartfelt message.

Shown at the Unity Theatre in association LUMA Creations and OLC productions.
Oscar Jaime Carrasco (Director, Actor, Musician) Plus associates.

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