Jah Wobble – Dream World

Jah Wobble - Dream World

Released on Jah Wobble Records

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

The new album by ex-Public Image bass player Jah Wobble, is influenced by the French new wave filmmaker Frances Truffaut and the sights and sounds of London, Brighton, and Manchester.

It is a veritable smorgasbord of variable musical delights.

It appears to be not defined by any one genre and in many ways does not fit into a conceptual whole as such, but is an interesting musical journey nonetheless .

But this does not take away from the album, which is good. The tracks which immediately stand out are the Afro Cuban fusion numbers.

But on further listens other tracks like the poignant “L” autoroute Sans Fin” become interesting excursions into the soul. Other more ambient tracks also stand out like ‘Strange Land’ and the final track on the album track ‘Spirits Of The Thames’.

The album was recorded in Jah Wobble’s home studio and features keyboard player George King.

On the rest of the tracks it appears Wobble plays himself .

He will be touring the album at various festivals and venues over the summer months, so if this is your bag man, check it out!


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