Hearts Beat Loud (12A)

Hearts Beat Loud (12A)

Directed by Brett Haley
Music by Keegan DeWitt
Picturehouse, Liverpool
3rd – 9th August 2018

Reviewed by Darren Guy

Widower and aging hipster Frank (Nick Offerman) has been running a vinyl record shop in Brooklyn for 17 years, the business is failing but Frank is already fed up and looking for a new lease of life. His daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) is preparing to move to LA to begin her medical studies.

Their regular jamming sessions are becoming a bore for Sam, but crucial for Frank. Sam is in love and produces a sincere piece of music and her dad, a failed musician, recognises its potential. They produce a song and he learns to upload it onto Spotify and it becomes a bit of a hit, questioning their plans and future.

Hearts Beat Loud is a warm film, with some lovely moments. I found the script a bit too corny, sentimental, cheesy and clichéd at times, and the characters, unoriginal.

Having said that, it’s the strength of the actors that make the film watchable and do a great job with a weak and unoriginal script. And I felt so much more could have gone into it with the talent that was available.

There is a unassumed and good performance from a star of ‘American Homey’ (Sasha Lane) Rose.

For me, the music carried the film through, making Hearts Beat Loud almost a musical.

If you want a heartwarming, easy going, unchallenging indie film go and see this.

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