David O’Doherty: You Have to Laugh

David O’Doherty: You Have to Laugh

Liverpool Everyman
24th October 2018

Reviewed by Jennifer Walker

For those who have never seen David O’Doherty before, his musical comedy is a joy to watch, with what he describes himself as melodic shouting rather than actual singing, if you like your stand up with a dash of average keyboard ability, then this is the show for you.

His musing on the advancement of technology, showcased through a story of a night out without his phone, which serves to highlight a simple message to us all, we need technology and it can be useful if used appropriately, but we don’t need it every moment of everyday.

His observations about Brexit and Irish politics also drew great laughs from the audience,

O’Doherty really shines when he puts his material into whimsical little ditties, accompanied by his trusty old keyboard. When he sang about “getting your shit together” the audience clearly relished it, I even had tears from laughing so hard.

His lighthearted approach, even with the more serious subjects, is what helps him get away with making slightly darker jokes. His conversation with his 18-year-old self is truly brilliant, as he slowly disappoints his younger self step by step, as he explains each dream that didn’t quite work out and what they have become, his comedy and timing is flawless.

Added with his keen observations about modern day through eyes of the past, he is simply outstanding.

To sum up his show … You have to laugh!

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