Cattle And Cane – Mirrors

Cattle And Cane - Mirrors

Released on Pledge Music Label on 5th May

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

With its mellow electronic grooves Cattle And Cane serve us another platter which has a kind of sleepy vibe to it.

So hear hangs the question on my lips dear reader, do most people record at night now?

Well I don’t know, maybe it just sounds like that, y’know what I mean.

Flicking through the tracks, Dealing With The Devil takes us into Portishead territory, but a good track none the less.

Make Your Vision is quite poppy and sounds a bit like The Strokes, and as we move on towards the end there does seem to be some competition as to which is the quietest track on Mirrors, but overall it’s a good album and, after a few listens, it begins to grow on you.

It’s one of those albums you could soundtrack your life to, maybe?

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