Debut album by Apothek
Out on Propeller Records

Reviewed by Rob Harrison

Apothek sound like they have been trapped in a log cabin in Norway over the winter and have been chirping away quite happily until they are found by the rescue party. But what appears to make sense to them in their solitary malaise seems like complete gibberish to any other person but, apart from that it’s quite enjoyable to listen to. It’s a bit of a noughties record y’know what I mean, bit of Coldplay a bit of this And a bit of that, pick and mix pluralism a gogo baby.

Oh those naughty noughties! Where records sound like they have been made at about four o’clock in the morning between sleeping and waking. These are lullabies for the somnambulistic generation looking to be lulled to sleep to avoid the horror of approaching neo liberalism.

The overall feel of the album gives the impression of some sort of break up an underlying melancholy cuts through the bleeps and bops Coldplay’s fix me comes to mind that sense of maudlin sleep deprivation pervades, but overall it’s not so bad, it seems to be designed to be the soundtrack of your life something to play in your car perhaps? Or a cocktail party or perhaps trapped in a log cabin somewhere, Norway perhaps!

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