‘7’ – Futurejack

'7' - Futurejack

Music review by Lynda-Louise Tomlinson

Futurejack are [a now] Liverpool based urban indie band from London, Liverpool and New York. They have recently released their latest EP, 7.

It is a story of love, loneliness, self doubt and determination. The first thing that strikes you when listening to 7 is the heavy bass line of their opening song, Fuck It.

Throughout the EP we are taken through the struggles of love, life and relationships. Songs such as Fuck It and In My Way give the impression of determination and motivation to move on, whereas tracks Strange Enough and Wish I Was Beautiful reveal Futurejack’s softer side, their weakness’ and insecurities being expressed lyrically.

A combination of acoustic lullabies, indie with extra bass and soft rock/pop, Futurejack’s 7 is the perfect break up EP, touching on all the emotions from sadness to moving on…after all, we are running out of time….. tick tock.

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  1. Nice to hear what others are saying, supports my faith in the band. well done. your hard work pays off.


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