Seek and…

Seek and...

Photo above: Leccinum scabrum, the Brown Birch Bolete. Credit Katy Brown

A poem by Ted Seagrave, on what we can see if we really open our eyes to nature.


Last Spring
I wandered through a wood
but not knowing
what to look for
I didn’t see a thing.

Yesterday I saw:
birches wielding witches’ brooms,
mind-bending mushrooms,
an adder basking on a mossy rock
– that was a shock – a snare
that pulled taut my thoughts;
ant hills teeming with
predestined life, denied of Will,
whereby lies
our strife and sorrow.

I intend to search again
and hope to find some
Peace of Mind.

Adder basking in the warm afternoon sunshine. Credit John Fielding

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