Sacrifice Zones – Colonialism, Neoliberalism and Climate Change

Sacrifice Zones – Colonialism, Neoliberalism and Climate Change


The World Transformed
Black-E Studio Space, Sunday September 23rd

Recorded by Tracey Dunn

Neoliberalism, inequality and climate change have led to millions of people in the Global South dying or being forced from their homes. As this planetary emergency tips us towards a point of no return, this session explores the logic of ‘sacrifice zones’ and the deliberate sacrificing of black and poor lives that has been inherent firstly in colonialism, and now neoliberalism and climate change. The panel will discuss how racism has shaped the dominant climate narrative and how can we decolonise environmentalism.


Chair Asad Rehman War on Want
Vijay Prashad Indian historian, director of the Tricontinental Institute, editor LeftWord books
Firoze Manji Author, editor Pambazuka Press. Former Africa director for Amnesty International

Apologies..Couldn’t record the last 2 speakers a Columbian female (sorry can’t find name) and Zita Holbourne vice-president PCS, BARAK (Black activists rising against cuts), activist, artist. Hope to add a link for their contributions ASAP.

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