Floods and Forest Fires: Living the Climate Crisis

Floods and Forest Fires: Living the Climate Crisis



The World Transformed at The Black-E
Sat 22nd September 2018
Chair Tom Gann New Socialist Magazine with Simon Lewis UCL lecturer, Lou Castro Anti Fracking, Anna Markova Platform, Tahir Latin PCS

Recorded by Tracey Dunn

“Across the world people are waking up to the human costs of the climate crisis and its colonial dimensions. From devastating floods in Bangladesh, to the raging wildfires across the globe this summer – the need for climate action is now. Labour is taking bold steps towards Climate Justice such as opposing fracking in our backyard – but British corporations are still imposing dangerous fracking projects abroad supported by the Tory government. Join a panel of grassroots activists to discuss how we move from the climate crisis to Climate Justice”.

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