Jim Larkin Statue

Jim Larkin Statue

Plans to commemorate Jim Larkin, the Liverpool/Irish, Trade Union Leader, Socialist and Internationalist, have been proposed by the James Larkin Society, raising funds via Crowd Funding (Just Give).

(Above painting of Jim Larkin by David Jacques)

In 1888, James Larkin (Jim) was born, to Irish parents, in the dockland area of Liverpool. His experience working on the docks and the harsh and, at times, brutal treatment of dockworkers resulted in Larkin becoming a lifelong Socialist and Trade Unionist. As a full-time union officer for the National Dock Labours Union he became involved the struggle to unionise and organise in England, Scotland and Ireland. In 1906 Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union, the Irish Labour Party and later the Workers Union of Ireland.

The ‘Great Dublin’ lockout of 1913 saw Larkin becoming a major figure in this dispute and his role was revealed in the novel ‘Strumpet City’ and the TV series, of the same name, his character being played by Peter O’Toole.

As an Internationalist Larkin travelled to the United States to involve himself and support the ideals of the IWW (Wobblies), and gave the eulogy of the prominent Wobbly, Joe Hill. While in the US he was sentenced to three-five years Sing Sing Prison on the charge of sedition; receiving a visit of support from Charlie Chaplin. On his release he was expelled from the US by J Edgar Hoover.

The James Larkin Society are looking for funding towards commissioning and siting a statue in Liverpool to Larkin, as a permanent reminder to one man’s fight against poverty, inequality and injustice. (Francis Kenny)

If you want to donate, or help promote this project, information can be obtained at this address: www.justgiving.com

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