Interview with Irish country singer Nathan Carter

Interview with Irish country singer Nathan Carter

By Rob Harrison

Nathan Carter is a Liverpool born singer who now resides in Ireland.

During his time there he has built up a reputation, with his music reaching large audiences with his particular brand of Irish country, which can be described as country with Celtic influences.

An association with songwriter John Farry has furthered his considerable songwriting talents.

What are you doing at the moment?
Lots of gigs in Ireland and France and many festivals booked for the summer.

You have a gig booked at the Liverpool Philharmonic in September. That will be the hometown gig, would I be right in saying?
Yes, really looking forward to it. Last time we almost packed the place, this time we hope to fill it completely.

So you still have a large fan base here?
Yes, completely.

Your music is very American Country oriented?
Yes, definitely. I grew up in Liverpool listening to all those big heroes of the American country scene, including Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, so it’s in my blood I guess.

So you moved to Ireland and set up your own record label, Sharpe Records?
It was really a way of moving out my own stuff. I got a distribution deal with Universal (which is a major record distributor) so that helped to shift stuff. I was quite successful.

But now you’re signed to Decca Records?
Yes, it’s great being on a major label and having that label behind you, pushing you and sorting out gigs and promotion.

It also has that historical cache of artists such as The Rolling Stones, Billy Fury, Tom Jones and Paul McCartney.
Yes, I need a large label now because I want to seriously start to break into the UK market and Decca can help me do that.

What our your future plans?
Work hard on getting a strong fan base in the UK. I have a large following in Ireland but it’s quite important to try to crack the UK market.

And with the addition of a full band, which is getting a bit more rock and roll, you are on the way to getting a different sound together.
I am also hoping to try to crack the American market with a promotional live DVD, which will be shown in the states sometime soon.

Check out Nathan on tour at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 16th September 2016. Tickets are selling fast, we have been told.

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