Celebrating Women’s Resistance Film Festival

Celebrating Women's Resistance Film Festival

25th June 2016, 2pm – 10pm
The Caledonia Pub, 22 Caledonia Street, Liverpool, L7 7DX

This promises to be a great day showing films of women’s resistance from four continents including films from Burkina Faso, Cuba, India and England including a film documenting the remarkable story of Sylvia Pankhurst, communist, anti-imperialist, political agitator in the East End of London, suffragette and artist.

2.00pm – Moolaade
For fear of enduring genital mutilation, a group of girls flee their own “purification” ceremony and take refuge with Colle, a woman who had spared her daughter from the same fate. Colle casts a spell to protect the girls, which causes much consternation among the village elders. In retaliation, they confiscate all radios from the woman villagers and demand that the spell be broken, but Colle nevertheless stands fast.

4.30pm – Maestra
In 1961, Cuba aimed to eradicate illiteracy in one year. It sent 250,000 volunteers across the island to teach reading and writing in rural communities for one year. 100,000 of the volunteers were under 18 and more than half of them worre women. This documentary interviews some of those involved.

5.30pm – Mirch Masala
In colonial India, an all-powerful tax collector rides into a rural village with his troop of soldiers. They’re here for the village’s money and women. The tax collector has his eye on Sonbai, but, when she publicly rejects his advances, she must hide out in the local spice factory. The terrified villagers would be all too happy to sacrifice Sonbai to spare themselves, but the factory’s watchman, Abu, guards her and Sonbai turns the tables.

8.00pm – Sylvia Pankhurst
Everything is Possible. This feature length documentary includes little-known facts about this great revolutionary and rare archieve imagery. The campaigns Sylvia led embraced far more than “votes for women” as she uniquely understood the fight for democratic rights required a challenge to capitalism as a whole.

9.30pm – Focus E15 Campaign
A short documentary on the Focus E15 Campaign in London which has been an inspiration for housing activists across the country as a group of young mothers threatened with homelessness take on the local Labour council.

£5/£10 suggested donation for an all day ticket
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/events/1010232505738906

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