67’s Militant Dance

67’s Militant Dance

67 are one of Liverpool’s hidden treasures. Formed by Mick Hurst, who has been around the Liverpool scene for thirty years, including as part of the city’s legendary Shack, they have kept a low profile but their appearances, often at benefit nights, have left a mark on anyone lucky enough to be there. They collate the city’s desire to party, challenge and celebrate then laminate it with a unique musical eclecticism. Starting as a three piece multi instrumental ambient improvisation Mick decided to get a band together from mutual friends and old mates. Nerve got the rundown from Mick on what makes the band tick.

Musical Influences of 67

I try to keep it simple and hate being pigeon-holed. I’m easily influenced, not a massive fan of jazz (although I do love early Miles Davis), but apart from that I can pretty much get my head round any music genre and love a totally eclectic set.

The Attitude of 67

Personally for me lyrically it’s observations and comments on modern day living. I don’t think our attitude as a band changes that much on stage .We play the music because we all love doing it. Maybe in front of people we are more focused just because it means a lot to us.
The songs are constantly being tweaked and upgraded the more confident we get with them.
I think we just know straight away when an idea is a good one

The Power of Music

It saved my life without a shadow of a doubt. Music on so many different levels is such a power for good. It’s a big deal for me. I’ve been in bands since 1984 so this is a three volume book on its own

Liverpool and 67

Militant. Socialist .fun loving. Liverpool has a very unique history and culture.
(Lyric from “Time” (67) )
It’s all about the people
You meet along the way
Who have made it worth it
Made it work your stay
In your Liverpool home
You’ll never walk alone
Sisters and brothers
Being good for one and other.

Think or Dance

Er a little bit of both maybe at the same time. Although I am finding multi-tasking hard these days, .heh heh.

The Future For 67?

We just want to keep getting better and enjoy it …travel a bit
Play more gigs ….
Get in the studio soon
The best I feel is yet to come .
Probably in the summer you’ll catch us. We’ve had a bit of a reshuffle. Mike Mooney left the band for personal reasons but we have a new member on board so watch this space…..

67 are:
Mick Hurst – guitar vox kaosilator
Amanda Quigley – accordian vox
Ren Parry – kit
Pierre Vandervorst – bass

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