Disability Tales

Disability Tales

Ba Revnok comments about disability issues including public perceptions of disability.

Question: Are you normal, do you consider yourself to be average.
If the answer is yes, then stop reading this NOW!

If you pondered this question. If you have mixed feelings on the use of normal and average as a subjective or self imposed set of rules.

When we start to categorise values that have a changing form? This can become a complex matter, look up fluid dynamics or Quantum theory for direct evidence of obfuscation and confusion.

Now the main point I am making is about a daily experience I have.
These experience are from public interaction or unwanted actions from the public.

Now I have rarely heard any of these questions asked by ‘other people’ amongst themselves.

Oh! What happened then?
Were you born like that?
How long you been in that for?
Excuse me, do you mind if I ask?
What is the name of your condition?

Or the positive patronise:

Wow that’s fast.
How good it is you stay positive.
Oh you’re so good to overcome all these barriers.
Did you see that thing in the media (reference to, Paralympics, man who walks again, sensationalist story).

Or the plain gibberish:

Ah I’d really like to help you heal (invariably using some dippy shit, if you think this dippy shit works take it into a children’s cancer ward and PROVE IT WITH CONSISTENT TRIALS).
Are you ever going to walk again.
I’d like to pray for you.
You don’t need that, am I in your way (usually whilst in my electric scooter)

One facet of my wheelchair is that which represents freedom and extended mobility to me. Wheelchairs are a necessary piece of equipment for purpose of movement. Alike to shoes a bike or car.

Another facet of my chair is what I call the ‘Nobhead Magnet’ or ‘Dickhead Detector’, as to the ability to bring out the most gross facade of a human condition in stupidity (I do not consider stupidity to be a grade of mental capacity but a separate type of malignancy capable of infecting all and sundry).

Back to the “NM or DD.”

I am excluded both by fixtures and attitude from most public places/venues. I have been shouted at, whispered about, screamed at in shock/horror. Some exclusions have been half embarrassed apologetic and some downright aggressive.

One such episode I recall was at Lunya Catalonian Deli on College Lane, Liverpool One. Whereas rolling up in my electric wheelchair I indicated to staff, who with a look of horror and disgust open the door, asking “what I wanted”, I asked if they were serving food and rolled in. Basically what followed was Basil Fawlty horror with the bacon on toast and cup of tea arriving separately, i.e. tea first, five minutes later toast, then minutes later bacon, with the bar staff/manager? not realising that I could see his reflection whilst he indicated very comedically behind me if the order was mine, (I was the only customer in there). Either the staff were all suffering cocaine psychosis or genuinely scared of the wheelchair and myself, to this day I feel the former impounded the latter.

Episodes akin to this are regular in frequency and random in placement.

A few of my personal feelings regard this are, you are not aware at least, or a grim-mongerer a disaster fly or a fucking vampiric-vulture on ‘normality’ at worst you’re the type of fuck up who gains a little viewpoint and make this opinion mainstream be’lie’f’s(BE a LIE Fuck’s Sake).

This could describe this piece of writing and point of view.

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