Disarm/Cedar Falls/Father

Reviewed by Amanda DeAngeles

It's been a while since I ventured into Zanzibar for some real head-to-toe, trembling tinnitus noise and Andy, sound minister supreme at Zanzibar (www.myspace.com/andythesoundman) is getting me in the mood for much music madness, while we (bands, cohorts and staff) anticipate an influx of haircuts, tattoos and cool T-shirts sported by approving revellers of rock…

Okay, that's enough cliché bashing from me…for now.

Biro on hold, nine-thirty and audience appears to be M.I.A. but Andy has assured me I've stumbled in on a good line-up following my brief sabbatical from rock review, and anyway I know the name CEDAR FALLS has been regularly dropped about the city, so as loud as you can think: "TIMB-ERRRRR!"
(Not that I approve of tree chopping – unless of course it's to aid manufacture of really good guitars) Here we go:

DISARM (Indie label: Imprint Records)
Area 4pc, all-male band, from West Yorkshire
Brad: lead vox/guit
Jamie: guitar/vox
Noddy: bass guit/vox
Ant: drums

All (save Ant) hold their very nice guitars in front of their nether regions. Lead vox, BRAD, wears a Ramones T-shirt, his back displays: "HEY HO LETS GO". They seem pissed off - very pissed off. I love it! *RIVER CITY RANSOM DEATH PACT is an explosive kick-off.

Front trio have left legs forward throughout track-one. Remind me again, why do women bother with vibrators? Everything is nicely tingling from where I'm seated.

Jamie, wearing a Batman logo, has black sleek hair and great rapport with Ant on drums. I'm soothed by a gentle carnage the first three tracks deliver to my eardrums.

*GIRL, WHEN DID YOU BECOME SUCH A CAR CRASH! about a broken Angel (aw) is proper metal with jumpin' around and shouty vocals - so exciting, you might have a tiny wee.

Brad politely thanks everybody after each track; I find this to be a bit of an eccentricity coming from a rock singer. (Giggle)
Lyrically, I think I understand Klingon… but not this strange language, it doesn't matter –I feel the noise.

*FASTER, FASTER KILL! "This is about prostitutes…" Whoa boys!
I look around to see it's a big letdown number-wise because the only Liverpool band booked, are at home playing with themselves.

*SIRENS AND MACHINES starts with WA-WA ringing noise from metal strings.
I'm starting to crave a hook now; these guys like to make noise, not melodies. We have some guitar posturing from Jamie and rhythm constantly hurtling, as though they're being chased in monster trucks down a motorway by meaner men than themselves.

Still no sign of those many revellers usually supporting the noise and beer at Zanzi, it's a damn shame really 'cos DISARM are pillaging the stage!

"Cheers" back at you Brad for that track. DISARMING indeed! I am hoping they keep their limbs intact and limber now.
Seasoned rockers will not be disappointed with this band and their perfectly co-ordinated, forty-five-degree angled necks of guitars.

*TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH - you got that right, fellas.

*BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is also title-track of forthcoming album to be released 21/07/2008, and it consists of shower-you-in-stage-sweat music!

Andy is rightly heralded the best sound engineer this city can boast and did an equalizing job with noise levels.
Big finish from DISARM is POW pause POW pause POW pause MAYHEM! No falling over; all arms intact.


U.K. I'm not sure exactly where, but I don't think they know either (suffering from acute dizzy touring syndrome).
3pc all male
JAY: lead vox/ guit
MATT: bass guit
STEVE: drums

*ABANDON opens wildly:
Away they go with head banging motion from bass-guitarist, Matt. Jay has a sweet acoustical vocal, which goes well with the noise fusion surround-sounding. This is a confident 3pc and their lead vox has gorgeous ginger hair and a devastating dimpled smile. He also appears to be a friendly bloke, who would probably be surrounded by beery mates for burp-style roadie protection from groupies.

"Was that a YAY?" he asks. "Was that a FUCK-YAY?" he shouts.
Damn right it was, Mister!

Ostensibly tight (cliché alert), steady sound, with kick-boxing antics from Jay and Matt for a moment or two of yes, we can play like this and move, evidence. Steel-rod backbone of drummer, Steve, is bashing out raw emotion to great audience response.

The Zanzibar Club has filled up some more, but I can still find my way to the bar without nudging anyone (this is a rare, but eerie experience in the usually-heaving Zanzi).

*EASY TO FLOAT a rock ballad "This one's for Fran". Lucky Fran, this was beautiful!

It's a fucking shame the Zuprowski Connection pulled out last minute, we mighta got another band had we some warning, and with it, a bigger crowd. Bear that in mind please, Liverpool bands. I know there are plenty of you out there dying to play Zanzibar's stage. If you think you can't make it, please give a bit more warning than a couple of hours!
E.P. is available as a download from their myspace for £3.59

CEDAR FALLS are amazing; bass player, Matt, looks about ten-years-old, but he'll be grateful of that if he makes it to fifty and looks like a thirty-year-old.

This is melodic loud noise if you want a comparison to the previous band, DISARM.

*FOR ALL THINGS GOOD we're informed by Jay, was played the last time the band toured in Liverpool, when it was a new song for them- so it's close to their hearts as a souvenir of their previous visit to the city. I hope you will drop in on future tours, guys.

I'm imagining a mosh-pit. Lead vocalist, Jay, has a dulcet set of pipes, which works well into their mould. The track is abruptly ended with a verbal "kiss".

On behalf of their band, he compliments FATHER, their touring buddies, as "Fucking awesome!"

The one before the next one (sorry). I like the vocal harmonies on this, aided by bassist, Matt.

* GHOST IN THE ROAD a new favourite rocks the atmosphere up then breaks to emphasise with impeccable timing. Dare I say it's a commercially acceptable WINNER!
Loose necks and stiff necks equal humans-versus-guitars. It looks a bit wrong without the long hair, guys, so stop the head banging! You will only damage your neural pathways, oh, er, never mind, just enjoy yourselves; all good loudiness will have already achieved aforementioned anyhow.

*UNITY to close. Oh no! They are leaving me wanting more. Mercy, guys.
Ah, I just found out this Cedar Falls hail from loverly Somerset. (Apparently, there are a few CEDAR FALLS bands, even one local to me, in Liverpool).

All the way from Croatia, FATHER, next!

I'll just visit the bar and get settled – OH FUCK! I've missed the step, and showered myself in diet coke. I have a bruise the size of a continent forming on my right thigh. I've dried myself off using my coat as a towel.

Damn! Phew! My notebook and camera are safe. Sarcastic "thanks" to everyone around me for not checking to see if I was all right! This reviewing lark can be dark, dangerous stuff. I'm going home.

FATHER, sorry guys- you seem a lovely bunch of people. You look great, your English is much better than my Croatian, and I'm really in a lot of pain now. I want my mum.

It was a loud night at Zanzibar, Liverpool. Thank you to staff and bands and entourage.

I thoroughly enjoyed DISARM followed by CEDAR FALLS. It's a shame I hurt myself before I could review FATHER. At least I got out alive!

See link for NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE II tour information:

My bruise has turned yellow, in case you were wondering. Thanks for the well wishes.

DISARM: www.myspace.com/disarmmusic
CEDAR FALLS: www.myspace.com/thecedarfalls
FATHER from CROATIA: www.myspace.com/fatherband
ZUPROWSKI CONNECTION-LIVERPOOL BAND, last minute had to pull out for sore vocal reason- apologies to fans from band promoters: Anomaly Presents

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