When We Are Married

Written by J.B. Priestley
Liverpool Playhouse
30th April - 23rd May 2009

Reviewed by Sandy Farmer

It’s 1908 and three couples are gathered to congratulate each other and celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries. Married on the same day at the same chapel by the same parson they have enjoyed twenty-five years of marriage. The drinks are flowing and their stomachs are full with fine food, and even the local newspaper has been invited to announce this special day. But as the day unfolds some truths are exposed which send these three couples into a spin.

Although a play set in Yorkshire it had a very strong Liverpool connection with many of the actors being from Liverpool. Jodie McNee as Ruby Birtle had brilliant comic timing and was a joy to watch. However despite some brilliant performances there were some weaker ones. It would seem that Les Dennis’ formative years doing Mavis from Coronation Street impressions came in useful for his attempt at a Yorkshire accent. However I’m sure this was not the effect that he was going for, and it was not J. B Priestley’s comic script that made me chuckle.

Although a little long this was a play that really entertained and had a brilliant set that truly displayed the play's farcical element.

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