International Gallery, Slater Street
Mon-Fri, 3-6pm during August

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Strips of nameless faces currently adorn the windows and walls of the International Gallery (34 Slater Street) in a jumble of an exhibition entitled ‘Unclaimed’. The photographic display/project germinated from the skip findings of some members of the general public when Samson Camera Store (Bold Street) recently folded. Along with old cameras and films, several hundred snapshots were discarded and abandoned until the eagle eyed public swooped in.

Now, in basic setting with scant presentation, one can waste their tea or coffee-break time to drift voyeuristically into the lives of people dating back to the 1970s. There is a glut of images ranging from gypsy tinkers to soldiers, sun-tans to sunburned thighs, babies playing keyboards, weddings, summer holidays, cats and dogs and ‘big haired’ party girls. There is also a small array of images from the private collection of Louis Samson.

The project aims to offer the chance for those ‘snapped’ and those ‘who snapped’ to come along and re-claim these lost and uncollected prints; a closing event is due to take place where the BBC will attend to document who, if any, re-claim themselves. Running until the 28th August there is still time to have a nose and see if indeed, your face looms large. Personally, the best thing about this exhibition was the genteel sultry juxtaposition of the saxophonist who serenaded at my time of viewing.

For more details, visit http://cuts.liverpool.googlepages.com

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