Editions Gallery, Cook Street
Emma Gregory, David Henckel and Martin Kochany

Reviewed by Maggie van der Sloot

Three artists pooled their effort to display at Editions Gallery in Cook Street. A convenience it may seem, given that they work together in the University of Central Lancashire’s print rooms, but the result is a mix of science future, organic microscopia and dynamic layering, all offering three distinct voices in a harmonious chorus of print.

David Henckel’s work draws you into a world of technical and spacial awareness, depth and movement, which are created through the convergence of Leonardo da Vinci/Stephen Hawking 3D structuring. The effect is impressive.

Given more space and less cluttered surroundings these pieces would speak more clearly but you do have to rummage through, testing yourself to ‘spot the artist’. Editions, although friendly and pleasant, frames art well – but could work a little harder to frame its exhibitions.

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