Tibi & Her Cello

“Lost in the sounds…” E.P.
Independent Release, 2010

Music review by Sebastian Gahan 31/3/2011

Music can be profound and life changing in many ways. There are many people who would associate their lifetime highlights with a particular song or artist and with this EP I found music that is perfectly performed and never less than captivating.

Of course, I don’t use such descriptive nouns for nothing. I mean it! Tibi & Her Cello’s solo E.P. after much collaborative work with various artists is a little piece of musical perfection that is quiet enough to soundtrack a perfect summer afternoon in the garden with pressed fruit juice and performed with a perfectionism and passion to scare even the most passionate artists.

At only five tracks long and running just under twenty minutes it is a unique work that encompasses folk music and Tibi’s unique performance style on her eponymous cello whilst vocalizing. It is no wonder that the golden comments have come steadily and this reviewer is not going to disagree. Having seen Tibi & Her Cello live I can say that the experience is the same as on record and although she has had success in her native Spain and performs regularly in Liverpool – including a show at Nerve’s Insurrection event – there are still not enough mouths spreading the word.

Why should they be spreading the word? I’ll tell you why. With each song on the E.P. there is a moment of ‘wow’ and that doesn’t happen enough these days in my opinion. From the muted strains of a windy afternoon that presage the vocals on Far Away to the gradual and captivating build up of the sound instrument by instrument on Could I Stop Rolling?, there is magic aplenty and more besides.

There is always a perceived backlash against the ever growing tide of female singer songwriters as styles go in and out of the musical vogue but in the unique and captivating performance captured on “Lost in the Sounds…” including the stunning live take of You Will Come For More performed solo with just cello and voice there is no chance of that happening for Tibi & Her Cello. With an album currently in the making it would surely be a mistake not to give this excellent E.P. a listen.

I guarantee you will enjoy “Lost in the sounds…” or I will eat my words!

Tibi and her Cello are playing at the Insurrection on Saturday 2nd April at 5pm.

Find out more and listen here: tibiandhercello.bandcamp.com

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