Thinking Abstract

Gallery4allarts, Lark Lane
6th February - 31st March 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

The gallery calls itself gallery4allarts, and it showed abstract artwork this time. The exhibition Thinking Abstract makes you aware of how diverse and different abstract art can be, and that 'abstract' is a word that can be and is used in a very broad sense.

The exhibition features artists working in a variety of abstract mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture and drawing. Most artists are Merseyside-based or from this part of the country – some are internationally known and praised. The gallery gives every artist room for their artwork, no matter how well known or not so well known.

What is special about the exhibition is the inspiring nature and explosion of ideas and colours that unfold in front of you as soon as walk through the door. When you look around you forget that the space is only small – art opens up another universe, another kind of space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see works by artists including Fanchon Fröhlich, Sue Ironfield, Colin Serjent, Nicole Bartos and Emil Moritz.

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