Theory of Entanglement

Bernie Lubell
FACT, Wood Street
19th June – 6th September 2009

Reviewed by John Owen

A weird and wonderful metaphor for the human interaction of labour and machinery, spliced through with mother references of a Freudian kind and playing with poo is good for your latent artistic growth parameters. All this plus the chance to make gliders out of cardboard, made up for the exhibition now running at the FACT.

The artist suffered a heart attack and this has guided his approach to his life and work, become intertwined, with a Marxist humanist perspective, evidential referencing of the difficulty of life without the cooperation of others, or all your other organs. The Matrix on acid feel to this event is soon dispelled when you interact. Or have a go lend a hand or muck in.

The sustainability of life - from the DNA microbiology patented genes cloning, to the astronauts suit that let kiddies play along way from momma’s protective eye - a precious commodity or more a person and then some the totality of the relations with several other things going simultaneously, gloriously represent the processes of life us human beings on earth and the things or labour-saving devices that ultimately were made to help but now dominate our life and run us. Salvation is at hand though, not through miracle workers but by good old fashioned cooperation, human solidarity is the key to the crisis we got ourselves in, we can get ourselves out time tough for rethink on the those achievements of ours.

He draws inspiration from French scientist and chronophotographer (that doesn’t mean a Kodak develop at boots cheapo flash cam) Etienne Jules Marey (1830-1940). Pre cinematography spooky medical books accompany these things oddly in the aeroplane room, studies of the limbs and body and heartbeat. Pioneering developments in aviation, cardiology and cinema. What a man that’s a fact.

Where would we be without the flicks and this very building? It is a shrine to the worshippers of the filmic medium known as the movies. From the inspiration of the jacquard loom to the computer via Frankenstein’s Mary Shelley and the Babbage adding machine to the Boolean algebra and binary code needed, to Bletchley park Enigma machines via Hollywood blockbusters giving testament to man’s power over nature and his superiority over its forces those very now terminally depleted, are biting the arse off the greedy and preparing for peak stage and downhill cool running out productions.

Take a deep breath, breathe breathe in the air all that I need is that oh so wonderful free precious air all we all need to live. Ner Neerr wrong answer, others aren’t so concerned, in fact they’re preparing to ignore global climatic climate change, all our energy sources vamoosing and the wholesale obliteration of the planet free enterprise rocks don’t you know? Well only need to mention Leonardo da Vinci and that’s me puckered out, I need to lie down and do some cardio thoracic muscular arterial workouts ahhh! The very machines or should I try the café?

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